Augmented Reality for Art & Creations

Augmented reality helps artists to create interactive artworks that can directly engage with users without affecting the originality of the art.

Augmented Reality for Art Galleries and Exhibitions

Augmented reality transforms art into an immersive experience that can dive deep into the minds.No artistic ideas will require an external explanation if it is enabled with AR, every user can experience the art in their own way

Use cases for Augmented Reality Art

We have created an extensive list of use cases for art with augmented reality based on our customers usage.

Integrate AR with Your Canvas Paintings

Augmented reality never replaces the existing values, instead it creates an engagement and interactivity with an already existing medium of art. Just take a picture of your canvas painting and integrate your digital art into it.

Wall Art with AR

Wall art and decorations are everywhere including home, office and streets. Augmented reality can bring real innovations in wall art with digital designs.Upload a picture of your wall art and make it more interactive and innovative with digital assets like 3D models, video and many more.

AR for Arts Based on Abstract Expressionism

Abstract expressionism is getting highly popular with digital enablement, especially in the social media world. Augmented reality can make it more interactive and experiential. There is no limit for freedom in your creative expressionism.

Conduct Art Exhibitions with AR

Art exhibitions always depended on a particular space and time, but AR makes it available any time, everywhere. You can conduct your art shows online with just a link or an image, you can also invite the customers to visit your website or purchasing link.


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Yes, we do provide image based WebAR, which is known as a web scanner. We can provide the same for your domain with unlimited plans.
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