Real Estate


ARCON HOMES is one of the pioneers in the Real Estate industry. In India, the industry has not yet explored the potential of Augmented Reality. We have conducted our case study as a part of our research regarding “how Augmented Reality works for the real estate sector”. Home is not just a mix of brick and mortar, but it’s a feeling. Experience part can transform the mindset of a client, and the good part is it will definitely be a “win-win” game for both the builder and customer.

Customer satisfaction through AR Experience

The real estate industry is slightly different than any other industry, each and every sales will be involved larger amounts instead of numbers. The customer experience is the key part of the real estate industry, the attractions and amenities cannot be just conveyed just through a brochure or a 3D model. Augmented Reality can do a lot with custom experiences which creates the feel of how the home will exactly look. UniteAR can be used to build AR within clicks, no coding requires.

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