How Your Business Can Use Augmented Reality?

09 Nov 2022

Augmented Reality is something that has been looming large over the past few years. Inquisitiveness and enthusiasm in learning more about AR have been demonstrated by not only technical geeks but by individuals from a variety of backgrounds. It did not take much time for AR to find application in a wide range of contexts and the business world is one that has really benefited from its rapid popularity. The commercial space has a plethora of uses for Augmented Reality, spanning from marketing, manufacturing, training, and logistics to gaming and entertainment. With such a wide spectrum of prospects, AR has the potential to be used and benefited by practically any business endeavor.

Impact of Augmented Reality in business

The impact of Augmented Reality in business is amply illustrated by its maturing influence in the Retail and Marketing industries.

In the Retail sector, 71% of shoppers have agreed that they are likely to repeat visits to stores that use augmented reality. With AR, retailers can simultaneously educate and engage customers by bringing more product information to them right at their fingertips. IKEA is one of the very first brands that embraced AR. They launched an app called IKEA Place that lets customers preview furniture in their own spaces before purchasing. AR also helps in collecting data that would be insightful in understanding consumer behavior and purchase patterns. Amidst an increasing number of online shopping platforms, if you still want customers to walk in through your doors, ensure a smooth and hustle-free shopping experience by integrating technology into your stores. Many clothing brands have started to install AR mirrors and virtual trial rooms where buyers can virtually try out clothes just like in online shopping.

The marketing sector is one where innovation has never been stagnant. Marketers have been using AR to increase customer conversion via interactive product demonstrations. For instance, Sephora, a leading cosmetic brand, offers virtual try-on facilities for its buyers to decide on the right product before purchasing. Another new area that has developed into a fertile ground for marketing is social media platforms. Social media marketing is cost-effective and therefore used by many brands. AR-enabled social media advertising results in higher brand engagement and helps your products to stand out among your competitors. Augmented Reality has a certain role to play in indirect marketing processes as well. AR interactions are often fascinating and this is why the entire world’s attention was drawn to an augmented reality campaign by Uber at the Zurich main station.

The Future of AR in Business

Augmented Reality is definitely here to cross many centuries in the business world, bringing about big changes that were until then less anticipated. If a growth rate of $12.56 billion was predicted for the global AR Market in 2020, it is set to hit a whopping $85.47 billion by 2026. Within a short span of time, AR has already made some notable inroads in the business world, from generating more sales and revenue for enterprises to alleviating the experience of customers. AR has also considerably raised the bar for customer care, and now there is no turning back.

Why Choose UniteAR?

Even if you've identified a business function that could benefit from Augmented Reality, you can still remain in a tight corner if you can't afford to recruit a development team or outsource the work to a software firm. Furthermore, this adds numerous extra steps and intermediaries, which might double the time it takes for the final outcome to reach you. With UniteAR you can lay off your worries since there are no such heavy demands.

With UniteAR's zero-code AR platform, you can create the AR you want in under five minutes. All functions are automated which makes your AR creation an enjoyable experience. UniteAR can produce both image-based and ground-plane AR and the apps you develop can be launched from your personal app store and play store accounts.

Many industries have adopted UniteAR extensively because they felt it met their unique demands and expectations. There may be fewer opportunities to find another AR solution that requires such minimal user time. UniteAR has the added benefit of being an off-hand AR creation tool for any company looking for a cost-effective way to meet their AR objectives.

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