Benefits of WebAR in E-commerce

04 Jan 2023


WebAR is a technology that allows users to interact with Augmented Reality (AR) through a web browser, eliminating the need to download and install a dedicated app. This streamlined approach by WebAR has enhanced the reachability and user experience of AR as a whole. In addition to being easier to access, WebAR is also extremely cost-effective and customizable for businesses, and much simpler to develop. Being accessible from all devices with a web browser WebAR can be effortlessly shared using a URL or a QR code. This wide range of compatibility with devices and enormous reachability without apps and downloads have opened new possibilities for WebAR, particularly in the field of e-commerce.


Online Shopping is expanding at a surprising rate. Retail e-commerce revenues from mobile users reached $3.56 trillion in 2021 (Statista). E-commerce websites have been enhancing the mobile user experience for years in an effort to boost their online sales. The future of sales and marketing of e-commerce products largely relies on Augmented Reality and WebAR makes AR even more scalable and accommodative for different business goals.

Accelerated Product Engagement

The traffic that reaches your e-commerce website and your social media account can be successfully converted to potential leads by providing them with the right interaction with your products. WebAR can be integrated into your existing website and social media page to facilitate better user engagement. They can easily view and experience your product in 3D without having to download an app. Level up your social media marketing by allowing your users to share their experiences online.

Better Product Display

3D images of the products deliver a better previewing experience than normal images and videos. Visualizing the product in 3D would help convince the user about its quality, size, fitting, and usability. This can help your buyer to choose a better option among the available ones, thereby reducing returns and exchanges.

Customer Conversion

Since there is no demand for an app, there is a large possibility for a user casually browsing through your site, to seamlessly dive into the AR experience that you provide via WebAR. They can try out products in the comfort of their homes, thus enlarging the scope for your products to prove its purpose and value to the customer. With WebAR you can elevate the chances for customer conversion. Shopify has reported that using 3D models in AR has allowed some brands to increase their conversion rate by 250%.

Unlock the possibilities of WebAR with UniteAR

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to stand out in a crowded online marketplace as e-commerce continues to gain popularity. UniteAR is a technology that can assist e-commerce companies to remain unique among their competitors and enhance their consumer's buying experience.

Your e-commerce app and website can be enhanced in a variety of distinctive ways with UniteAR. In order to provide an immersive shopping experience to your buyers, embed a QR code to add WebAR to your product gallery. Change to an interactive 3D picture product gallery and bid farewell to mundane product displays. Do only the bare minimum by simply copying and pasting the code to add a ground plane AR or 3D model viewer to your website.

Businesses may offer a more immersive and compelling buying experience that differentiates them from the competition by integrating interactive, 3D material into their e-commerce. UniteAR offers capabilities including virtual try-on, 360-degree product views, and interactive product demos that might boost customer interaction and sales. In order to keep ahead in the rapidly changing world of online buying, e-commerce businesses should think about technologies that can revolutionize their digital strategy.

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