Augmented Reality for Packaging

21 Dec 2022

Packages often become the mouthpiece of the brand. It is a proficient marketeer in a much friendlier and trustworthy skin. You must have noticed children buying goodies just to collect those shimmery wrappers or the secret gift that’s inside. This childlike curiosity persists in every person and that is why people often associate certain brands with their nostalgic memories. But fancy wrappers and gifts are not for every product. Plus, you can not add bulk plastic and paper into your packaging when markets are already on the run to be more sustainable.

Coming up with the right product packaging model that should be impressive and pleasant on the eyes, informative and able to retain customers, and at the same time eco-friendly, is no piece of cake. However, these are crucial elements that your competitors might already be considering. With Augmented Reality product packaging you can easily tick off all the points that your packaging should meet.

Advantages of AR Packaging

One-of-a-Kind Shopping Experience

Your buyers would already be flustered by the unending row of products on the shelf of a supermarket. Only an outer appearance that is striking enough would catch the buyer’s eye and only something extraordinary in the packaging would urge them to further look into it. No matter how good the product is, in order to drive sales, it is quintessential to prompt the curiosity in your buyer. AR helps ensure maximum customer engagement as well.

Effortless Content Management

Changing existing content that is published alongside the product, such as the user manual or ingredients list, may require a number of tedious steps when using the old style of packaging. With AR packaging you can make these changes and manage contents virtually without fuss. Additionally, brands can also share more information about their products and possible use cases with their buyers.

Product Campaigns & Social Media Marketing

Now you don’t have to hammer away at creating a successful social media marketing. With the proper use of AR in packaging, your product will automatically become a head-turner. Remember how the AR experience on Jack Daniel’s packaging became a rage? Around 110,000 android users watched over ‘Jack Stories’ AR experiences with an average of 5:42 minutes of total session time per user.

Lead Generation

With AR packaging data collection and lead generation becomes a much more pleasant experience. While offline data collection is strenuous, often making customers apprehensive of their privacy, virtual data collection with AR doesn’t raise an alarm since buyers themselves contribute to it habitually via their mobile devices.

How to augment your packages?

Augmented reality is the best add-on feature to incorporate into your package printing without extra cost and effort. You can easily add product demonstrations, nutritional value, contests, or anything that can capture the attention of your customer. You can augment your packages in just a few clicks with unitear.com. Talk to our team for a live demonstration. UniteAR is ready to help you augment your products and get more conversions. Book a meeting with our team for a further discussion. Let's bring your packages to life by integrating augmented reality.

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