How to create Augmented Reality with AI - generated images

04 Aug 2023

Advancements in computational linguistics have facilitated the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into almost every field and industry. It is a broad branch of computer science that mimics human capabilities of functioning independently and intelligently (Nilsson, 1998). It is becoming prevalent in almost every field that requires humans to perform tasks like design, content writing, problem-solving, and programming. It is entirely possible for an AI system to complete tasks such as creating blog posts, stories and even novels. Furthermore, some AI programs are able to produce their own artwork. Despite its imperfections, text-to-image AI, when used responsibly, serves as a powerful tool to amplify human imagination.

Augmented Reality with AI image generators

When it comes to image-based AR, creating a target image was a challenge, often requiring knowledge of design software like Adobe Photoshop. But now, with advancements in AI, you can type in a prompt and create the target image with just a press of a button. For instance, Lexica (Lexica), combined with Canva (Photo Animation: Animate your photos online for free | Canva) and UniteAR , empower you to create AR experiences in a few clicks. AI-generated media or synthetic media and AR open the gateway to new possibilities in various industries. Generative AI content can add more value to your augmented reality experiences than ever.

As we explore creative possibilities, it's important to acknowledge that text-to-image AI is still evolving, and the results may not be perfect. Human creativity remains unparalleled, and the synergy between AI and human creativity should be celebrated. Technology serves as a powerful tool to amplify human imagination. In conclusion, text-to-image conversion AI has opened new doors of creativity, transforming the way we create, communicate, and express ourselves. As this technology continues to advance, it's an exciting time for professionals from diverse industries to embrace and explore its potential as a tool to help improve their creative prowess.

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