AR for Juice Cafe

Green Habito is a prominent organic juice cafe that resides in the city. They provide organic juices without any artificial contents and sugar. We have conducted a case study at Green Habito regarding the research of “How Augmented Reality creates an impact in Restaurants and Juice Cafes”. They are based on the idea of serving healthy food, and it’s a theme based restaurant. We have found that Augmented Reality can increase customer engagement and interest level in theme based Juice Cafe’s.

How AR acts as an information source?

We have found that most of the experimental restaurants are struggling to convey the idea of their restaurant or how they are different. Especially the ones based on organic products or service. The customers really worried about the health benefits and how it is going to help them, even the ingredients. All these can be easily implemented through Augmented Reality, and that is what we have tried to implement with this case study.

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