AR for Retail - Case Study

Retailers fulfilling the small orders of a larger customer base, and customer experience plays a crucial role in terms of revenue and demand generation. As a part of our case study, we found retail is an unexplored area to try out augmented reality. Especially in India, most of the retailers are still following the conventional manner and they care only about the infrastructure. Augmented Reality is something which can provide a highly mesmerizing shopping experience.

AR for Hypermarkets

The new-age customers are considering shopping as an experience, they even consider it as a leisure activity which makes them feel relaxed.The hypermarkets are one of the areas which leaves a larger space for augmented reality integration. The AR experience can be provided with a common tablet or smartphone. Augmented Reality enabled offers, promotions and in store games can enhance user engagement, footfalls and sales as well. UniteAR automates AR creation, no need for development or coding.

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