Augmented Reality for Schools and Universities:

24 Nov 2019

Augmented Reality Enabled Learning

The potential of Augmented Reality is no more a secret, this emerging technology is getting popularized and explored on a daily basis. Tremendous growth has been recorded in terms of the interest in Augmented Reality among various sectors. As far as considered, Education is one of the most convenient segments which can easily get benefited from using AR in various forms. Many Schools and Universities across the globe are already started exploring and implementing Augmented Reality within their curriculum and teaching methodologies. Educators finding the real potential of Augmented Reality, and they know how it can impact the thinking pattern and knowledge development of a student. In this decade, many tech-enabled tools were introduced to learning and related research but most of them actually failed to attain the expected result. Either visually overwhelmed or unwanted explanatory tasks lied within the earlier tools were actually taking the audiences to a closed way of thinking that is not dissimilar to the conventional teaching. Augmented Reality acts different in many aspects, it cannot superimpose any idea to the brain, instead of that AR enables the students to think in a different way with the multi-sensory data they perceive.

AR itself does not generating anything automatically but it acts as a medium to express. As a consumer facing tech, it leaves the space for creativity to those who build the experience. There are several Apps and Platforms available to create AR experiences but hard coding is required in many of those tools. The teachers or students may lose their valuable time, if they go after such platforms which requires programming skills. In order to align with the goal and creating AR experience within less time or in few clicks, requires a platform that automates AR creation. UniteAR is an Augmented Reality Platform that Automates AR creation in 3 clicks. It’s the best DIY AR creation tools available now.

Augmented Reality Case Study - Education

UniteAR Team has conducted a case study on Augmented Reality with the students in a real classroom environment. The school was one of the prestigious institutions in India. The students and teachers were new to AR, and they have not used it before. We have tried to teach one of the topics from physics, purely through AR. The topic was Magnetism, and we have provided little introduction but not detailed. We have used animated 3D models and videos to make it interactive. The students interacted with the topic through the digital contents, and they have explained what is happening. We have not really expected such an amazing response from the students of age 12th and 13th. Augmented Reality is not something hard to use or understand, thirteen years old students can understand it and they learned things through AR, faster than conventional teaching. Every teacher can try it as a brand-new teaching tool, and AR makes them to research more and create new patterns of teaching.

How to use UniteAR for Teaching?

UniteAR is the most flexible and user-friendly AR platforms available in the industry. Students can also try for their projects or presentations. All that is required is signing up and start. UniteAR provides you the freedom to upload your own target image and contents. UniteAR supports all types of content, including 3D Models, 360 degree, Animated Contents, Videos, Slide shows, Audio and many more. Teachers can upload the video or 3D model of the topic they would like to teach, and students can interact with the same in real time. Teachers can even host their webinars in AR mode.

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