Innovations in Augmented Reality

24 Nov 2019

Interactive Reality

Augmented Reality can be defined as an interactive reality. Augmented Reality is emerging and growing fast with proven track record, that is the progress in interest rate. 2018 was the year, that made a big mark and history for the technology, many companies has started working on AR and tried innovative experiments. As of May 2019, the users with AR enabled devices has reached 1.5 billion. Many sectors started investing in Augmented Reality, especially Education, Marketing, Real Estate and Retail. The industry is expecting a big change for the year 2019, and the revenue of the industry may hit $75 billion.

Innovation doesn't work without change! and change requires efforts and flexibility. Many of the Augmented Reality Early Adopters are resisting to change. This is the only issue faced by AR creators. As an emerging technology, the application requires lot of experiments and updations. The early adopters will be the ones who can provide genuine feedback to improve the products and industry. Adoption rate seems to higher than previous years. Apple's CEO, Tim Cook's words will become true within 2022. He said that 'AR will one day be as important in our everyday lives as “eating three meals a day.”

Innovative AR Experiences in Action

Augmented Reality is something that is already innovative by its nature, but we can make it highly incredible with our own creativity and logic. AR is very much flexible to do that. UniteAR is one of the leading Augmented Reality DIY Tool that allows you to create creative and innovative AR experiences in few clicks. UniteAR provides unlimited content supports and target supports with several features that are still not available with other AR platforms. Augmented Reality Texturing, Animation, Re-sizing and positioning of contents are few examples. Trying out with UniteAR is easier and FREE of cost.


Early Adopters of Augmented Reality

The Augmented Reality experience with most of the people are in the lines of Pokemon Go and only few are trying out AR for Real World use cases. Augmented Reality can fix real world problems, and no need to develop an app from the scratches to fulfill your requirements. As per the data that our platform is having, the ideal early adopters are the following industries, Education, Advertising and Marketing, Retail, and Real Estate. These are the industries started trying out AR to fix issues or gaps with the current methods. There are many other industries like Health Care, Oil, Manufacturing, and Entertainment, these industries will either start in a big scale or they won't. They need specific solutions that fits only with their particular sector. This may eventually happen within 2022. Till the time, the ideal early adopters will be benefited with the Technology.

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