Augmented Reality for Art

19 Feb 2020

How to make AR for Art?

Art is an emotional expressionism to conceptualize certain thoughts, ideas, or aesthetic sense. The classic art forms like Painting, Sculpture and Architecture are all time favorites but fails to go in hand with technology like other art forms do. Music, theater, film and dance are the forms adopted technology and regained life to sustain in the millennial's world. Most of the art forms losing its natural flavor while mixing with technology. Augmented Reality is slightly dissimilar with those technologies and it will never kill the freshness and authentic value of art. Augmented Reality itself is a creative technology which acts like a catalyst.

Augmented Reality for Contemporary Art:

Contemporary Art is considered as the Art of today, the art of the 21st century. The art form itself acts as highly dynamic with heterogeneous mixtures like techniques, methods, concepts and subjects. It represents cultural diversity and identities. Augmented Reality can make it even creative with the usage of proper mixing of digitally created artistic contents. Especially music, animations and 3D models. The artist can convey the ideas with more clarity and creativity, and this may lead to a new phase of interactive art.

Augmented Reality for Museum and Art Galleries

Augmented Reality creates a new path to construct creative arts with the aid of interactive contents without affecting the originality of art form. Exhibiting those creative works to the audience who are living around modern technology gadgets is something that can be resolved by Augmented Reality. Those visits museums are Art Galleries should get an interactive experience, this can be achieved easily without taking much effort like coding and building their own AR Apps. AR experience can be created easily without programming, using platforms like UniteAR.

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