Augmented Reality for Artists and Makers

12 Oct 2020

Bring the Art to Life

The painting on the wall starts talking, and blinking eyes! We have heard such things in fairy tales, and we believed it as a fantasy that never happens. Now Augmented Reality makes your artworks tell a compelling story. The art is acquiring a new dimension with the power of Augmented Reality. The classical masterpieces of art can be made interactive with the blend of digital objects. The technology is expanding the horizon of imagination. Augmented Reality works great with both conventional arts in the canvas and with digital arts as well. Augmented Reality transforms your art into an in-depth emotional experience.

How to Augment your Artworks with UniteAR

UniteAR is an Augmented Reality experience creation platform that allows you to build AR without programming. As an artist, you may not be good for so-called programming or technical things, and you may feel less interested in programming. Many of the available AR Platforms asked you to code, and you may sit and go through various techs and technical jargon. UniteAR wants you to be always creative, and being creative is unique. All that you need is your creative content in the form of a digital image, 3D models, animated gif, or an amazing video. It will take less than a minute to create an AR experience.

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