Augmented Reality for Restaurants

06 Dec 2019

What is Augmented Reality?

The world has already started recognizing the potential Augmented Reality for their daily life. Still a majority is confused with the use cases and working of Augmented Reality. Any technology or inventions adoption was quite confusing and low during the initial days. After the pokemon Go, people are getting familiarized with the term AR. Simply, we can define Augmented Reality as the blend of digital contents over the real world, the digital can be a video, text, animated 3D model, real time information or anything similar.

How Restaurants can get benefited from Augmented Reality?

Human beings will never get tired of trying out good food, so Restaurant Industry is one of the few industries that will never go down at any age. As per the changes in culture, lifestyle and technology enhancements, the way restaurants works has been transformed. Quality is very important for restaurants, but experience inside the restaurant premise is equally important. Augmented Reality is one of the cost-effective technology that can be tried out for every restaurant whether it’s medium, small or big. Restaurants can start implementing AR from their menu cards itself, while scanning the printed menu card with smartphone can show interactive 3D models of the selected items, calorie value and even offers can also be shown.

Augmented Reality experience can be easily created for Restaurants without writing a single line of code. All that is required is related digital content like 3D models or videos. UniteAR is one of the leading Augmented Reality Platform, which provides a drag and drop editor where you can create AR campaigns within three clicks. Create your first AR Project now for FREE. UniteAR is a self-explanatory “Do it Yourself AR Platform”, without the help of developers or development team, businesses can create Augmented Reality Experience.

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