Augmented Reality (AR) Trends to Watch in 2021

23 Jan 2021

Augmented Reality (AR) enterprise market continues to grow in 2021. Market giants started to release their updated experiments with wearables. At the same time, the consumer AR software industry is about to explode and lead the market shortly. As per ABI research, consumer AR contents are expected to grow at 100% CAGR between 2021 and 2025. The latest trend in augmented reality is the increased usage in various industries, especially the consumer centric sectors. The rise of Zero coding AR App has made many things possible, especially in Education, Marketing and Art industries.

#1 Trend: Mobile AR revolutionized the way we teach and learn

Educators found how augmented reality can make learning an interactive activity that never gets bored. Especially during the global pandemic, online classes were not that easy for teachers around the world. Some of them started experimenting with AR, and they found it working. Now, educators around the world started exploring augmented reality and implementing AR to the curriculum. UniteAR is already having teachers from more than 50 countries using augmented reality for their teaching.

#2 Trend: AR for Marketing & Advertising

The global pandemic made us sit inside the home. The way we see an advertisement has never been like this. Marketers started to explore augmented reality, and they learned how intelligently they could play with it. We have used augmented reality in many forms without knowing it. Virtual events and AR exhibitions are happening globally. Marketing agencies started to find the potential of AR Apps, and that might have made them create fully customized branded AR apps from UniteAR. Creating AR Apps in just one click was something that never happened before.

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