Augmented Reality Trends to watch in 2020

13 Mar 2020

Augmented Reality 2020

The world has realized the potential of Augmented Reality, and it is a powerful tech to resolve real-world problems. We know that everyone believed AR and VR are something that is useful for entertainment purposes. The use-cases and developments were limited to gaming. The years 2019 -2020 has shown us the changes and acceptance of Augmented Reality. The tech world and the users realized the possibilities of augmented reality in the current scenario, and we have moved so far from the fancy ideologies to reality. Most of the industries started using augmented reality to enhance their daily operations. Especially, retail, education, and marketing sectors are the ones at the top of the list.

Growth in AR Apps

The wide range of device compatibility release with ARCore enhances the install base of AR Apps. The installed base of ARCore compatible devices has grown from 250 million devices to 450 million devices by May 2019. The recent advancements in the mobile AR are standing in the same line of competency with the headset based AR. The people of all age groups started to realize the potential of augmented reality through the AR Apps like UniteAR. The augmented reality platforms like UniteAR simplifies AR creation to non-programmers.

Enterprise solutions in AR

The enterprises started acquiring augmented reality to power up their conventional solutions, especially in the retail and automotive industry. The improvements and stability are inducing the adoption rate of augmented reality. The advancement in mobile AR made the technology more consumer-centric and available. WebAR is something that has been discussed widely by the global tech community, and finally, it came to be a descend stable form. There is no wonder that the enterprises are showing confidence in augmented reality. AR is just in the track. Augmented Reality startups are another inspiring community where the enterprises are looking forward. Industry-specific solution providers are watching the startups to see what is next in AR. Corporate giants like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are helping the developers by doing their launches at the right time. There are many solutions yet to be released, hopefully, 2020 will be the year for Augmented Reality.

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