Augmented reality use cases for marketing: 2022

01 Feb 2022

Augmented reality has acquired more power and strength technologically and visually to impact millions of people just through a brilliant visualization. 2022 will be a year where the marketing sector will have a hold. The world has already shifted almost all operations to smartphone screens or tabs, and there is a lot more space for AR to play. Instant AR creation platforms like UniteAR provide all facilities for marketers and advertisers to augment their commercials. There are numerous use cases for augmented reality for marketing. With this article, we would like to introduce you to a few use cases which can be done with UniteAR in just a few minutes with zero coding.

AR use cases for Marketing and Advertising

Brand Story Promotion

Brand storytelling is getting difficult day by day, every attention grabber has to be fresh and innovative. Old-school storytelling methods no longer work for 21st-century viewers. Augmented reality is one of the effective ways to express ideas with the wise use of digital content like audio, 3d models, 360-degree, and many more. A homegrown coffee brand can augment the pack to show the brand story to its customers. They can link a video or a 3D experience for the viewer. When the customer scans the packaging, the brand story appears on their mobile device. Brands can also create a webAR experience for customers. Jack Daniels used augmented reality technology to give customers an immersive experience in their campaign.

Product promotions with visual marketing

60% of the people living in the world are visual learners, and 90% of the data processed by the brain are also visual, so the visual marketing with augmented reality makes more sense. Product explanatory videos can be attached to the logo, or even with a social media promotion campaign in the form of a webAR link. Digital content acts as the influencers, and AR is the best consumer centric tech for the same.

AR enabled infographics for data driven marketing

Infographics are the best way to convey any transition path of a business or growth, even a success story. Infographics work well with both print and online media, enabling augmented reality to your infographics images can create a powerful impact within a short period.

Engaging Event Promotions

Augmented reality is a fantastic tool for engaging customers and providing an immersive event or promotional experience. To share brand offers with customers, brands can use image-based AR or WebAR. When a customer clicks on an offer, the attached link redirects them to the sale page. One Plus used WebAR to launch their Nord mobile phones. WebAR enabled global users and fans to experience this.

AR Print ad campaigns

Print ads combined with augmented reality can create unique user experiences. A user can scan the ad using a web link or app to experience the brand. Volkswagen used augmented reality print ads to communicate its innovation to customers.

UniteAR for Marketers

UniteAR provides AR solutions for Marketers from different countries, which includes custom augmented reality Apps, WebAR, and AR experience creation. UniteAR is the only augmented reality platform that provides 100% zero coding AR solutions which can be created online without the help of a developer.

Creating custom augmented reality Apps for brands is easier with UniteAR, 14 days free trial is available. WebAR is another great option for marketers to provide immersive AR experiences for consumer products and brands. UniteAR has a very extensive technical support for customers from across the globe.

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