How to build an Augmented Reality App for your business with no coding?

16 Nov 2021

Have you ever thought about how successful your business would be, if you had appropriate solutions on time? Most of us always choose the paths that have already been taken by others and blindly follow them. Let's assume that you're running a business with limited team capacity or you are leading an enterprise that is focusing on some specific solutions, you need an augmented reality solution in both cases. When you hire a programmer or outsource your requirements, both scenarios cost you higher than you expect, and the solution may not reach you on time.

Augmented Reality App development is still revolving around the "SDK" dilemma. The lack of awareness about the technology is being misused largely. It's possible to build an augmented reality app for Android and iOS in just a few minutes without any coding, and without the help of any programmers. UniteAR enables you to build your custom white labelled AR Apps in just 5 minutes.

Benefits of creating AR Apps with UniteAR

UniteAR allows you to create your augmented reality Apps in just a few clicks, every process is automated including app building. Here are the core benefits that you cannot find anywhere else..

  1. End to end UI design is automated
  2. Use the same UI for both Android and iOS
  3. One click App build generation
  4. Launch Apps with your own App store and play store accounts any time you want
  5. App build process takes less than 5 minutes
  6. AR contents will not be stored on Apps, it will be on cloud
  7. Easy to build custom AR contents with UniteAR editor
  8. UniteAR Apps can be used for experiencing image based AR and ground plane AR
  9. Suitable for any use cases or industries
  10. No need to worry about App size

Why augmented reality SDK’s are not serving the purpose

Every business has its specific use cases and goals, and the requirement for augmented reality will be just a part of your larger goal or mission. You don't need to spend all your money, time, and energy on a portion of your goal while you have other options instead of having a development team or building an AR App using SDK. For example, you're from an organization, and you may have to build a POC with an augmented reality App. The SDK's are available at high pricing, and you need to buy their licenses if you want to publish the Apps. You may have to sit for a long time with the SDK and programming. You have to be an expert in programming languages. Your purpose is different, and you're spending time on something else that is not adding any value to your goal. The UniteAR platform exists for users like you, and you can focus on your specific goals while our App engines create augmented reality Apps for you. You can do the design and creation process in just 5 to 10 minutes.

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