Augmented Reality (AR) for Online Classes?

12 Oct 2020

Why educators should adopt AR?

Augmented Reality has evolved into a present-day technology from a futuristic concept. During the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, augmented reality awareness has reached its peak. The global pandemic disrupted everything including our conventional classroom-based education. Augmented Reality helps educators to deliver complex concepts more efficiently with the help of digital objects like 3D models, videos, 360-degree contents, and image slide shows. UniteAR provides a platform where educators can easily create AR experiences that work with the mobile app and web links.

How to conduct online-classes using Augmented Reality with Zoom, Google meet, or Microsoft Teams?

Online classes can be more effective and interactive with the proper use of augmented reality. UniteAR is one of the prominent and easy to use AR Platforms available. UniteAR supports online AR experience sharing with Zoom, Google meet, and Microsoft Teams. All that you need to do is open your live streaming app in your mobile and share screen, then open UniteAR App or UniteAR's WebAR scanner. Augmented reality experiences in the UniteAR App or Web Scanner will be screen-casted to your live streaming applications. Educators can use it with ease and no technical expertise.

How UniteAR helps educators to achieve learning objectives?

We are entering into a new phase where old methods may not work anymore. Students possess more than average digital literacy than most of the educators or learning providers acquired. They need a high-level interactive system where they play with knowledge or information. The conventional direct class-room sessions may not work out with the post-COVID-19 world. Space or physical infrastructure is no more relevant. All that matters is the presentation of idea or concepts which can make the students involved and interact. In this way, no other technologies work better than augmented reality. With a little effort and creativity, educators can easily achieve their learning objectives for the students. UniteAR is free to try for everyone, and advanced plans are available for schools and educators with affordable cost. UniteAR team provides individual product demonstrations and training for the Educators.

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