How to create augmented reality for your artwork

14 Aug 2020

Why Artists need Augmented Reality

Creativity is an absolute freedom that speaks to the human soul without words, and artists are the real creators. They convey ideas in different ways, like artwork, painting, sculpture, and design. Augmented Reality brings life to art, and the viewers can interact with the ideas of an artist in real time. Augmented reality can be blended with human creativity and manual art works to be made amazing masterpieces. Augmented Reality is now accessible for everyone with their smartphones, so this is the right for any artists to start using technology to provide a fully immersive creative experience through their artworks.

Virtual Art Galleries with Augmented Reality

Conducting an art exhibition is quite costlier and that requires a very good physical space as well. Many of the talented artists may not get such an opportunity to present their work during their lifespan, and we may find such incredible productions very late, even after centuries. Augmented Reality enables an equal opportunity for every talent, any artist can conduct virtual art exhibitions with zero cost. All that they need is their artistic work and digital content like 3D models or videos. Augmented Reality Platforms like UniteAR make the process easier for them with zero coding, the artists just need to focus only on their creativity.

Augmenting your artwork is pretty easy with UniteAR. Artists can create a free account with UniteAR and start uploading the image of the artwork in JPEG or PNG format. The AR creator is user friendly, and you don't need any help in the entire process of AR creation. Once the images have uploaded, you can augment those images with any type of animations, video, audio, or virtual slideshows. UniteAR provides you different types of Augmented Reality, like Image-based or WebAR. You can even create your Augmented Reality App with no coding. Any artist can conduct virtual art shows and exhibitions without worrying about technology or programming.

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