How to build Augmented Reality Apps without coding?

14 Jul 2020

Why do enterprises need AR Apps?

Augmented Reality is rapidly changing and growing consumer technology. AR has grown to a stage where it can solve industrial and business challenges. The different sectors like Marketing, Advertising, Entertainment, Retail, Real Estate, Events, and Education are starting exploring the possibilities of AR. The latest updates of ARcore and Arkit rejuvenated the overall presence and enhancements of Augmented Reality in a wider aspect. The coding part of the AR app is not at all easier and that denies enterprises and SME's from trying out Augmented Reality in their business. There are companies investing time in AR development or hiring development teams to make custom Augmented Reality Apps. Now, having an AR App is not at all a luxury, but it has emerged as an essential booster for many of the businesses. AR enables interactive marketing, live product demo’s with a wide range of digital content, product training, and even technical support.

Why is Augmented Reality still unexplored?

The world is getting smarter than ever, and the technology has matured enough to reduce human efforts in many things, especially in programming. As human beings, we do make errors, and we may have to waste another couple of hours to get it corrected. The technologies like Augmented Reality require above average programming skills, and that itself cannot assure you to get the apps ready on time. The AR App development demands expertise in app development platforms, computer vision, and high-level skills in prominent programming languages.The subscription fee for many of the computer vision software are not affordable, The passionate programmers are the only guys who find AR App development as entertainment and enterprises still trying to stay away due to the difficulty in coding, unwanted expenses, and maintenance of the technical team. All of the above reasons make Augmented Reality still an unexplored island of treasure.

How to make an augmented reality app within 5 minutes?

UniteAR has introduced Instant AR App Creator, which helps anyone with basic computer literacy to build AR Apps. The users can build AR Apps within 5 minutes with no coding. The platform allows users to upload custom logos and templates. The release-ready apps can be easily deployed in the App Store or play store by the users without any help. The AR App creator helps small and medium companies, enterprises, various industries, and freelancers to fulfill their dreams or achieve targets with the aid of Augmented Reality. No developer license or end-user licensing fee is required in the entire process. UniteAR is free to try, users can also build Augmented Reality experiences for App and Web.

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