How to build Augmented Reality Apps without coding?

18 Nov 2020

How to create white labelled AR app in 5 minutes?

UniteAR's Instant AR App Creator allows you to build incredible white labelled AR app in 5 minutes with no coding at all. All that you need to do is, just upload your logo, set up template and download your app. No licensing is required to publish your app and UniteAR does not make any advertising on your app. Small and medium businesses to larger companies have found the solution very useful and cost effective. Many small business owners and companies from sectors like marketing, advertising, art and education are already creating AR apps with UniteAR.

Why UniteAR is the best AR platform for app creation?

There are numerous augmented reality companies and AR platforms across the world, but you cannot build a 100% zero coding AR app with any of them. UniteAR allows you to create fully white labelled AR app with zero coding, and no licensing or additional cost required. The plans starts with just $29. Users can easily deploy their AR apps into Play store and App store without the help of a developer. UniteAR also provides the feature to create your own augmented reality experiences with zero coding, you can experience Ar with either your own AR app or UniteAR app.

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