How to use Augmented reality in Art

21 Feb 2022

Augmented reality use cases in Art

Curated AR app for artists

Artists can create AR apps to showcase their work to their audiences. Viewers will be able to observe and interact with the artwork from anywhere. AR transforms a piece of art into an experience. Artists can choose to include a 3D animation, another image, a video of the painting's creation, or music in the augmented content. That will allow users to have an immersive experience with the art they are viewing. Every piece of art is transformed into a story that viewers would like to see.

Scanner for street art and doodles

Street art or independent art has the widest platform in the industry. Street artists use public locations as their canvas to express their thoughts. However, this is limited to a stable place. The artists can share a WebAR link with the audience to experience more engaging art from anywhere in the world. This provides a wider reach and appreciation for the artists. AR transports street arts to infinite frames and limitless experience.

Create a webAR scanner for paintings

An artist can create an AR experience for their viewers with a webAR link, QR code, or the painting itself. That will create a more engaging experience for the viewer. Watching almond blossom by Van Gough is a blissful experience. But, what if you can watch those flowers falling around you under that warm blue sky. This kind of experience creates more interest for the viewer and connects them with the art. An artist can choose what they want to link to the respective image, they can add an image, 3D, or videos.

Create AR NFT artifacts

Regular NFTs are simply representations of art pieces or moments in time whereas AR NFTs include AR elements and cues, such as the ability to see digital objects in your environment. 3D NFTs are digital objects that can be experienced using augmented reality technology. Artists can share their immersive AR NFTs experience with others through AR-enabled websites and apps.

Artists frequently adopt emerging technologies for creative and artistic applications. Understanding these technologies and capabilities is critical for establishing new developments and conventions. Artists must experiment and work directly with their medium. UniteAR is a no-coding platform for artists to create augmented reality. They can connect their content to make their art more interesting and compelling. Using UniteAR, you can easily create AR apps or WebAR experiences. UniteAR is a platform that requires no coding or developer to create an AR experience. Using UniteAR, artists can enhance their art experience for viewers. We also provide our customers with round-the-clock technical support.

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