How to use augmented reality in your sales strategy?

12 Feb 2021

Sales is no more a conventional activity where your customer sits for hours and listens to you before they buy the service or product. The world has changed, and everything that we did just shifted around the term "Experience". People would love to see and experience your product rather than just listening to your sales rep.

AR can improve sales in the following ways,

  • Real time virtual experience
  • Reducing decision making time
  • Create a positive impact
  • Multi-dimensional interactivity

Attain instant attention of your prospect with AR

Traditionally, people used to present the product in the form of a video or ppt. Nowadays, such presentations are no more effective due to the lack of real experience of the product. Customers no more believe in hypes created by companies, they would like to know how exactly it works, or how suitable the product. Augmented reality fills the gap in between the traditional way of presentation and the contents. Product demo or presentation is just an example, there are unlimited possibilities in various use cases. Augmented reality helps to attain the instant attention of the viewer, and they can also actively participate in the meeting. They can try out the product instantaneously and that builds trust.

Interactive storytelling

Storytelling is art, and that is an essential part of every successful communication that ends up in conversion. You cannot convert the current age customers just with the feature elaboration, they might listen but forget easily. The product or brand story can be communicated effectively with augmented reality. The prospects can involve and relate to your product or business easily if they will also get an opportunity to experience it in real-time. You can do it in all the communication tools like zoom, google meet, or anything similar.

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