The Ultimate guide - Marketing Trends with AR in 2021

10 Apr 2021

Marketing trends are changing rapidly, without giving a glimpse of the impact. All your plans and strategies for the new marketing campaigns can be affected anytime with the release of a new tech trend if you're not much ahead of the changes. Trending technologies like augmented reality could create a great impact on your audience without giving much time to think and decide later. Augmented Reality is spontaneous, and it can attract and engage people within no time, so the demand generation is quite easier.

Why should you use AR in your Marketing strategy?

We, humans, are very much inclined to the past experiences, and we would love to replicate past successes, with the same strategies or tools. Most of us fear changing the strategies that worked for us, and we believe it would retain success in the future as well.

Well, if something works now doesn't mean that it will work again in the future and repeat the same success just like it does earlier. The fear of adopting new technologies killing your potential to grow and expand. All industries and business sectors are in the middle of the changes around them, especially the changes in the economy, technology growth, wide adoption of tech, and changes in the behavior of consumers. Augmented reality is one of the fastest growing technologies getting adopted globally, especially among marketers.

How does Augmented Reality enhance marketing experiences?

  • AR allows the users to experience the product virtually, and sudden impression leads to rapid decision making.

  • Marketers can use and blend various digital contents types like audio, video, images, 360 degree content, 3D models and virtual AR buttons to create an amazing visual impact that lasts forever.

  • AR enabled marketing campaigns can directly interact with users, and marketers can track the data and make changes effectively. With conventional marketing, it’s a very static process, and the data might now be real or correct as well.

  • AR works well with both digital and conventional marketing channels, including social media, printed magazines or promotional events.

Let's think about change, it may take time but worth it. The future is always unpredictable, and as long as you're keeping the latest technology trends and open to changes will never let your business fall in the race.

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