Top Trends of Augmented Reality Marketing in 2020

11 Jun 2020

Augmented reality as a unique marketing technique

The possibilities of augmented reality in marketing and sales are creating an interactive experience for the customers. It uses digital technology to overlay information in image, text or video format onto the objects of our everyday life. The technology of AR enables the marketers to transform a static object like a magazine cover or printed advertisement to an incredible 3D experience. AR enhances the conventional marketing techniques including the printed ad, brochures and billboards with its digital overlays. This will add an extra layer of interest among the potential customers as they can learn more about the product or service rather than just viewing an advertisement.

Benefits of interactive AR advertisements

Augmented reality advertisements create an emotional connection with the customers as it remains as a realistic, interactive platform. With the aid of AR, a marketer can bring life to any advertising or marketing material of a product. The customer just needs to point the advertisement through their smartphone camera and then watch the magic on their device screens. If it is a billboard of a newly released cinema, the film buffs can focus their smartphone cameras towards the billboard and they can watch the movie trailer then and there. If it is an ad for a retail furniture store, the marketer can offer a 3D room modelling service. It allows potential customers to see how the product of their choice would look in their bedroom or kitchen. This shall build an emotional connection with the AR advertisement which eventually leads to a product purchase.

Augmented reality in sales promotion

Augmented reality advertising boosts the sales volume of a product or service with its distinctive features. In e-commerce, AR offers a virtual product-trail experience which allows the consumers to interact with the products prior to purchase. This provision of ‘virtual-try on’ can contribute to the increase in sales as well as a decrease in the return rates. Consumers can also get more information regarding the availability and pricing of the products as well. Making use of AR services may take your brand value to the next level by enhancing its virtual possibilities. Avail our exclusive AR App creator at Unite AR and let us together make your business stand out from the competitors around.

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