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06 Apr 2021

UniteAR introduces WebAR plugins that can easily attach to any web pages or e-commerce portals without coding. No need to sit and spend hours on vast SDKs, affordable for all types of businesses and individuals. Developers, companies, and artists are already using UniteAR's WebAR scanner. You can achieve an AR experience similar to images-based AR on the WebAR plugin. Anyone with basic HTML exposure can add the code to your website, it would be the same as that you're adding any JavaScript code on your web page.

Advantages of UniteAR's WebAR plugin

Image-based WebAR is still an unexplored possibility for many of the industries, many of us are familiar with ground plane AR, and most of the SDKs provide ground plane AR integration only. UniteAR's WebAR plugin is duly focusing on image-based WebAR, so that you can experience augmented reality without limits.

  • It’s an image based WebAR
  • Works well with all types of AR contents
  • You can take photo of the experience
  • You can share the experience

Industries where you can use WebAR

Image-based AR is getting popular and awareness is getting increased. Many industries are already using image-based WebAR, and still, there are possibilities to be explored in a wide range.

  • WebAR can impact heavily on user's interactions with e-commerce websites. If you're an e-commerce provider, you can easily embed a WebAR scanner within your website to provide an extensive product experience for the customers. The customer can understand how the product will look like or the working of the product.

  • Marketing and advertising are the sectors that can get benefited the most from Image based WebAR. They use flyers, posters, product packages, and many printed ads for branding and storytelling. WebAR scanner can easily be embedded with all these and convey the brand story interactively.

  • Art and entertainment are the industry with huge possibilities for adopting image-based WebAR. They actively involve the viewers with their programs using WebAR plugins. Many art exhibitions are already conducted with the effective use of image-based WebAR.

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